Saturday, April 25, 2009

Won Me Over

I was so wary of some of the new fashion trends, specifically harem pants and jumpsuits. I felt like normal people couldn't wear them and not look ridiculous. But I was proven wrong! I have since bought a pair of black harem pants from H&M.

If you are uncertain, I just wanted to share some of the looks that won me over. And I want to start with Camille:

She wore this jumpsuit so well, that I took a second look and decided, maybe that could work after all!

And then I saw that my absolute favorite blogger, Karla, also rocked a jumpsuit or two.

Here are some I found while looking online:

ASOS' Soft Harem Trousers

All of these lovely looks, and more, won me over in favor of jumpsuits and harem pants. I plan to post a picture of my new pants and hopefully, I'll have more soon because they're so comfy!


chekka cuomova said...

I love Jen Kao Flo Roadster one! it looks awesome. ;D

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