Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life in Technicolor

I absolutely love eyeshadow. It's my favorite part of my makeup. I don't even care if I have lipstick on, as long as I've done something with my eye shadow. However, I'm not very good at it because I freak out and think it might be getting to be too much.

Still, here is some makeup that I love and wish I could recreate for myself.

Almost all of my makeup is Urban Decay, so I sort of tried it, but less flashy looking:

It came out nicely, but photographed horribly! This was the best picture I could get. I tried to do it with spring colors because it was so sunny outside.

I love the cat eye look. I think it accentuates the eyes beautifully. And my favorite makeup artist did a wonderful version of the cat's eye.

This is Xenia, aka Doe Deere. She has her own line of makeup and she does wonders with it.

Here she does her makeup as Fafi

She also does some really flamboyant ones such as this:

This makeup, by makeup artist Miskha Mink, uses Doe Deere's eyeshadow

And then Alice Point had a friend do her makeup and it came out really lovely!


xtine said...

Your spin on the blue eyeliner is cute!
There's so much inspiration in this post, I'll have to try it out.


Lilli said...

I so agree! Eyeshawdows are the best part of makeup!

H-SAMA said...

hello dora!
could you tell me what flamboyant make up means...
i'm a brazillian and i just saw this term here

thank you

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