Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blast from the fashion past

My attic has some amazing things in it, such as my mom's old fashion designs.

I love how these designs are labeled as '60s retro, but you can tell they were created during the '80s.

I found these interesting because the prairie/country look is coming back into style again. I've seen a lot of dresses like the top picture, just a little more modernized.

These summer dresses and outfits are perfect right now. I'm ready for 80 degree weather and no more rain! My campus is soggy right now and I don't like that very much.

I think my mom has actually worn something like the one above. I've seen her clothes from old photo albums and she wasn't afraid to show some skin back then!

Now, this is some REAL retro. I love the skirt and the shape of the pedal pushers and halter top. There's something elegant about the one on the left.

And this is straight out of the '20s. I love the flapper look.

Fun fact: the dress on the right was something my mom made for herself. Unfortunately, she no longer has it. Even if she did though, she was so skinny back then that nobody would be able to fit into it.

My boyfriend really wants my mom to make me this jacket. I think he fell in love with this because the girl has really curly hair like I do, so he probably figures it would look good on me. Plus, I love blazers of any kind, so this would definitely be something I wear.

And for some sad reason my favorite design won't upload! It's this very glamorous white jumpsuit with a plunging neckline lined in black, long sleeves that puff out. The legs are very wide and flowy. I saw one similar to it that is on sale but it was black with white pinstripes. But I can't remember what site it was on.

When the rain clears up I'll hopefully post more clothes.


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