Monday, April 13, 2009

Wild Things

I worked pretty much all day when I wore this. It was a nightmare at the newspaper. I've been counting down until graduation as a result. 32 days as of now!

Also, tomorrow morning I have to call the company that I might get an internship at for the summer. They've been really slow about things because it's a small place, but I'm excited because I would be writing features and they have a mascot cat who hangs around the office. And I love cats, so I'm probably more excited about the cat than the job.

And, yes, that is a Where the Wild Things Are shirt. I'm kind of obsessing over it because of the movie trailer I watched.

Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Shorts - Zara, Vest - H&M, Tights - Lord & Taylor, Heels - Urban Outfitters


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