Monday, June 29, 2009

Something We Can Appreciate

I've been diving into the wedding thing this summer, even though we aren't scheduling the date until 2011, but I want to make sure I'm not running around during the last three months. Since I have so much time I've been looking into things that I won't actually get.

For instance, all of the reception halls have a free wedding cake. Yet, I found myself clicking through pages of pictures of cakes online, and I thought you would all enjoy this one:

Ron Ben-Israel

This is quite possibly the cutest cake I've ever seen and the fiancee agreed that it would be great for me. It's not something I would ever choose for a wedding cake, but I still love it!


Lilli said...

This is really cute! I love the endless possibilities fondant provides. I'm just not too fond of the taste.

Hi, My Name is Christine said...

Get ready, 2011 will come faster than you think!

That cake is so cute, have it for a birthday cake ;)

deep_in_vogue said...

Oh this is a great cake! It's good that you're starting to get ready for it early on, time flies by!

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