Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Lately, my blog has been completely silent. That's because I was out of the country for two weeks vacationing in Europe!

As a present for graduation my boyfriend and I went to Paris for a week and then Poland (where he still has family) for a week. And I have to say, the parts of Poland we visited were so beautiful they easily rivalled Paris. Trust me, I was just as surprised!

Thanks to slightly dreary weather and LOTS of walking, my outfits weren't particularly inspired while there. But I did shop!

For the most part I looked like this. Layering up to ward off the Parisian chill.

The next two photos were taken in Poland.

Also, I got some new bling (I'm so lame) while in Paris. Notice the sparkly engagement ring below!
My boyfriend of five years proposed. Ignore my horrible, horrible face. The real stars are my fiancee and the ring he picked out.

I plan to post pictures from Paris and Poland that do not include my sad lack of fashion, plus photos of the wonderful things I bought!


hanna said...

Congratulations!!!! :D That ring is stunning, your fiance did well...

Your trip looked amazing!

Thanks for that comment.

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