Monday, June 22, 2009

Glitter on the wet streets

Sweater - Nordstrom, Top - Anthropologie, Shoes - Simply Vera for Kohls

Not that any of you keep up with the weather in New Jersey, but it's been pretty crummy here. We've had rain 17 this month so far. So that is why I'm still wearing a sweater when most other bloggers I follow are dressed like this because they live in California or somewhere that hasn't been imitating April.

And my face is blocked out because I had crazy eyes. Seriously.

So! To shake off the wet weather I went to the mall!

One of the many by me opened a Urban Outfitters just last week, so it's super new and nice. I bought the following necklace, which is black leather interlacing the metal, and top, which I'm picturing at the beach, and another top, which photographed horribly with my camera (I dropped it, so it gives things weird colors sometimes, like the neon purple infiltrating the second picture). The last top was a loose black crop top, it's not too short, but enough that it's noticeable.

This lovely dress is by Mink Pink. It's very fitted and I almost didn't get it. I know, it's super floral, but it helps counterbalance how fitted and short it is.

As you can see, all the things I bought were black(ish)! I actually went to the mall hoping to buy some brighter colors for summer. I even tried on light pinks and greens but none of it was stuff I wanted. I went into H&M really hoping to buy something colorful, but alas, I found nothing (which usually happens when I go there). The only thing at H&M I really liked, but pulled myself away from was a short leather vest ... which was also black.


Rene Cav said...

Your blog is cool!!I love the polka dot top and the mink pink dress...I love floral dresses!

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