Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm still alive

I've never bought anything from American Apparel and usually I don't really like the stuff in the store anyway. But, I've finally been won over.

It's official, I need this dress.

Cotton Bandeau Dress

Why wouldn't I want a dress that could be worn 15 different ways (seriously, watch the video)?

Also, I'm sorry I haven't posted recently! Between finishing my finals and moving out and saying goodbye to everyone, I haven't really been dressing all that wonderfully. Case in point, I'm wearing old jeans and a Gap t-shirt. I don't even like the Gap.

I did recently buy a dress and sweater that I love, as well as a pair of shoes from Bakers. But I'm saving them for my vacation.

On Friday I will be jetting to Paris! Then I'll be in Poland and two weeks later I'll finally be back. And when I do get back, expect LOTS of pictures.


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