Friday, May 1, 2009

By any other name ... seriously, pick another

I disliked the idea of combining two peoples' names ala Brangelina or TomKat. But I do like the word "bromance" and use it on a fairly regular basis to describe the undying love between my boyfriend and his friend.

I abhor the word "bandal." WTF? It's the combination of "boot" and "sandal." I was initially wary of the new style of boots that could be worn for spring but I then started liking them the more I saw them.

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Jeffrey Campbell

Bakers' Payti

Mod Cloth's Majorette Booties

But Nylon is calling them bandals. I don't know if Nylon started that or if they're going off of someone else's decision, but either way it blows.

I am putting my foot down (unfortunately it's not clad the Majorette Bootie) and refusing to refer to spring boots by the name "bandal."


Jen said...

LOL I agree... bandal is just ridiculous!!

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