Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boots not made for walking

These boots are so gorgeous but they hurt like hell when I walk for an extended amount of time.

Unfortunately, I didn't last much longer in the boots. I had a 3-hour night class and there was no way I was walking there and hanging around in that boring class for that long in those boots. I ended switching shoes.
I love, love, love the jeans. They're tight and there's no give in the denim, BUT they look great on and they have the adorable owls on the back pockets. You can't really see them in these pictures, so next time I wear them I'll be sure to get a close up of it.

Boots are from Zara, jeans are Paul & Joe for Target, sweater is from Express, and the (barely seen) shirt is from Banana Republic.

I really wished I was wearing these shoes:

They're from Bakers and they're only $40 right now, but my size is out.


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